Borderlands 3 artifacts explained

Like any Borderlands game - it's all about the loot, and the Legendary Weapons are the cream of the crop. Borderlands 3 features countless different Legendary Weapons that go above and beyond normal weapons with new styles, skins, and hidden effects. Below you'll find a list of all known Legendary Weapons and other Items, divided up by type. Note that Legendary Weapons and Items can be found at different levels, and the weapon damage will scale to your currently level on finding it, but other effects remain the same.

The Infinity is a returning pistol that only has one round in the chamber, but it's all you ever need. It's special effect lets you fire infinitely without using any extra ammo at a fairly high rate of fire, making it perfect for conserving ammo. A slow and steady shot, this pistol may not let you fan the hammer very fast, but its slow and accurate shots will guarantee that your foes will remember their mortality.

A great pistol with explosively splashing fire or corrosive shots, it's recoil might be bad, but nowhere near as bad as the real catch - you'll have to listen to Tyreen Calypso's mocking voice as you shoot.

This little pistol carries over one hundred bullets in its magazine, and fires faster than most SMGs. It's like the weapon text says: If you go for a day trip, take a week's supply of bread. This legendary is unlocked after finding every Dead Claptrap crew challenge piece in the game.

A Tediore pistol, when upon reloading, creates 5 baby turrets of itself to shoot and chase down all of CL4P-TP's friends. A 6-shooter that makes more 6-shooters. Every shot fired that hits an enemy will split into 6 more projectiles and fire off in a set pattern while continually bouncing off surfaces.

Every shot out of this Torgue pistol shoots outward into four cardinal directions before coming together into a single explosion! Beware: Very short range The Hellshock Pistol will always be an elemental weapon that switches between shock and incendiary damage. When any round hits a surface other than an enemy the projectiles will reflect and change to the opposite elemental damage.

It's a Me, Mario! If you ever wanted to feel like Mario in Borderlands, this is the gun for you. It shoots the flower balls from classic Super Mario games, complete with the classic audio for every shot! Hey, you got your Doom in my Borderlands! This replica of the Super Shotgun from Doom fires shots in a pentagram spread, firing both barrels in one shot with that classic reloading action we all know and love.

Polybius fires in a 4 by 4 grid pattern at full-auto rates. It will begin firing in vertical line on the left with four pellets and move to the right firing more pellets for each line.

It will follow the same pattern for the last four shots from top to bottom, firing four pellets horizontally. The Lob comes in all elemental shapes and sizes, but will always at least have one. It fires a VERY slow moving orb projectile that passes through all enemies it contacts while spreading it's elemental love. My name is Trevor, so naturally this is the best gun in the game.

Each shot out of the TREVonator fires a burst of four orb projectiles that explode on impact. Ol' Kill-o' fires a slow orb projectile that moves forward a set distance damaging all enemies along the way with elemental shock damage.Borderlands 3the long awaited game from Gearbox, is finally out for consoles and PC. Artifacts are essentially attachments that you can get for your gear in the game. Each Artifact has a different effect too, boosting stats such as elemental effects, or giving you bonus damage to particular enemy types.

Once you start being able to use them, they can be very helpful in improving your combat strength and versatility. Then, not long after you get your hands on the Eridian Synchronizer item while on the hunt for the second vault, Artifacts will begin to drop randomly from enemies and you will be able to purchase them from vending machines, find them in Golden Chest drops, or acquire them through SHiFT codes.

They will drop from enemies, you can purchase them from vending machines, find them in Golden Chest drops, or acquire them through SHiFT codes.

For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide. We have also listed some other helpful guides on the game down below. Connect with us. Artifacts are items that you can equip to your loadout to improve certain stats. Continue Reading. Related Topics: artifactsborderlands 3getGuideHow tounlock. Doom Eternal: How to Unlock Doom 1. To Top.Eridium Artifacts, otherwise known as Relics, have been around throughout the entire series.

Originally, in Borderlandsthey functioned much the same way Action Skill Augments do now.

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Then, in Borderlands 2, they were less drastic but still massively beneficial buffs that players could get from bosses. Finally, in Borderlands 3they're a combination of the two.

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This time around, Artifacts have a variety of modifiers and variables that can be applied to them, and depending on the RNG, they can get pretty absurd. So, in order to clear some things up, we're going to look at our own personal favorites. Welcome to the reason why Moze is probably the most broken Vault Hunter.

The Deathless Artifact sounds insane just from its description, but thats only the beginning. Basically, it trades health for a massive bulky shield. This Artifact can also be used on any character with skills dependant on max health or on shield capacity.

This is our personal bread and butter Artifact. It's the perfect life regain for experimental builds, or while leveling a character to Basically, any Otto Idol Artifact has the innate effect of giving the player a percentage of their max health back on every kill.

It's some pretty absurd life regain honestly. There's no set drop for this, though, so its a bit hard to farm for specifically. Hey, look, an artifact for the few players that actually like to use the slam attack! Personally, we can't stand it, but there are enough artifacts and modifiers in the game that augment the slam, so we could actually be missing out on a source of some crucial damage.

In any case, the innate skill of Safeguard is pretty crazy. Again, this percentage varies, but the number stays pretty high. This Artifact also tends to have a modifier that increases both movement speed and damage against frozen enemies, so its perfect for those going for that Iceman Zane build. There are a couple of purple and green artifacts spread throughout the game that have a modifier on them which temporarily buffs their user based on a couple of variables, but this duration is usually ridiculously short, so we ignored most of them.

Initially, we thought Unleash the Dragon was bad. That said, this particular artifact is great for players who need to melt through chunky Red bars. It's also actually great for Amara! Because it's the cornerstone of her fire melee build. We're sure that's not the only one that'll come out with this rocking Artifact at its core.

It doesn't seem like much on the surface, but Unleash the Dragon is absolutely an artifact worth the grind. So far, all of these artifacts have been geared towards increasing the Vault Hunters' killing potential. Whether its to keep them safe or increasing their base damage, most Artifacts act as passive buffs to the player. So, why would we be recommending it? Because it pumps up the Luck stat by a whole bunch in return!True Vault Hunter Mode is the hardest difficulty level for Borderlands 3.

If you want to play through the game in this mode, then you have to start right from the beginning with a new save file. Mayhem Mode, however, is a selection of random modifiers that can be applied to your post-end Borderlands 3 save file.

Borderlands 3 Legendary Artifact Guide

These modifications will make the enemies you face far more dangerous, while increasing your chances of finding rare loot.

If you're looking for a new challenge, but want to continue playing Borderlands 3, then True Vault Hunter mode is for you. It will put you up against tougher enemies and promises far better loot. This option will also tell you which Playthrough Mode you currently have selected. If it says 'Normal' then you're playing in Normal Mode. Just remember - if you decide to switch to True Vault Hunter Mode, then you will be doing right back to the beginning of the story-line.

You can skip the introduction though. Mayhem Mode is a game mode that you unlock after completing the main story-line of Borderlands 3. This means you don't have to start a new game to enjoy Mayhem Mode. Mayhem Mode will make the Borderlands galaxy a lot more dangerous by giving new effects to both you and your enemies. This can be anything from an increase in enemy health to a higher fire rate.

The levels of enemies you fight will also increases, becoming closer to your own no matter where you are in the galaxy. It also increases your chances of receiving rarer loot, more XP, cash and Eridium. After you've watched the credits for Borderlands 3, you'll be able to loot the final Vault and, inside, you'll find a Vault Relic. When you return to Sanctuary III, there will be a new terminal on the top floor near the door to the flight deck.

The terminal consists of three different placeholders for the relic. Each placeholder corresponds to a level of Mayhem Mode difficulty. Pick whichever Mayhem Mode is right for you. Though it's a good idea to start at Mayhem I and work your way up.This time round you're helping Lilith and the Crimson Raiders fight the Calypso Twins - cult leaders, who have plans for the vaults hidden across the Borderlands galaxy.

It's a race against time, which means you're going to need a really good gun. Our Borderlands 3 walkthrough will give you an idea of what each story chapter will contain, including side missions you may encounter and an ideal level for your Vault Hunter to be at. Each one will take you to a new location - be it a new planet or area you haven't been able to visit before - on your quest to stop the Calypso Twins and their cult.

You'll also have your hands full fighting robots, cultists and even a mega corporation. Every chapter in Borderlands 3 is made up of a series of objectives for you to complete. On your map, you'll find a waypoint marker, which will tell you where to go next to complete your current objective. Story chapters flow in one and other; every time you finish one, the next will automatically begin.

Borderlands 3 Legendary Artifacts: How to unlock the Artifact slot

This means you don't have to worry about tracking down the next chapter giver. Side missions appear as yellow exclamation points! Talk to the person or interact with the object that belongs to that exclamation point to begin the side mission.

We've included a brief synopsis of what each chapter involves, the rewards you receive, any side missions you may encounter and an ideal level for you to be at when completing this chapter.

borderlands 3 artifacts explained

As well as the above Borderlands 3 walkthrough, here are other Borderlands 3 guides to help you as you play:. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you travel from the barren wasteland of Pandora to the serene hills of Athenas:.New to Shacknews?

Signup for a Free Account. There are a lot of ways to increase your power in Borderlands 3, and unlocking the Artifact slot is one of them. While leveling up your class is tied to XP and levels, unlocking your entire inventory is linked to story progression.

The fourth and last slot in your inventory is called the Artifact slot. This empty little box is going to remain unavailable for a long time, which can cause a bit of confusion for players. As mentioned above, unlocking the Artifact slot is tied to story progression. You must finish the main story mission, Cold as the Gravewhich is Chapter After completing this mission, you will finally be able to equip any Artifacts you may have collected.

If you do manage to find one before unlocking the Artifact slot, hold on to it. The slot itself is extremely useful. These Artifacts offer even more build variety and can add some truly unique effects to the gameplay. One Artifact we managed to find increased incendiary damage when sliding and left a magma trail behind our character.

Unlocking the final inventory slot, the Artifact slot, in Borderlands 3 is simple - all you need to do is play through the story. Complete the mission in Chapter 16 and you'll be able to boost your stats! Check out the Shacknews Borderlands 3 guide for more unlock explanations and collectibles guides.

borderlands 3 artifacts explained

Hailing from the land down under, Sam Chandler is relatively new to the industry, getting his start a few years ago as a writer-for-hire.

After bouncing round a few universities, securing a bachelor degree, and finding his feet, he's found his new family here at Shacknews as a Guides Editor. There's nothing he loves more than crafting a guide that will help someone.

Sam Chandler posted a new article, How to unlock the Artifact slot in Borderlands 3. I'm in the same boat, I really want that shotgun, but also, story progression and more side quests. I managed to get the Porcelain Pipe Bomb last night can add my own image to the guide now.

Whenever I use it my mate's game drops to single-digit frames. You can bet your bottom dollar I'm trying to crash his game from now on. I now have oranges for days, no doom shotgun, and redid my siren build to be worth a shit. At least I can just quest onward!There's a lot to take in and discover when playing Borderlands 3, and even returning fans may not realize several key elements to the game that aren't explicitly told to you.

We've rounded up several noteworthy mechanics and elements to Borderlands 3 that the game doesn't outright tell you, which you can view below. When you start Borderlands 3, you'll only be able to swap between two equipped weapons, and will only have access to a grenade and shield - so when does everything else unlock?

Over the course of the game you'll eventually get two more weapon slots, as well as Class Mods and Artifacts to equip as well. Depending on how fast your moving through areas, you may even start finding items you cant even equip yet. These unlocks are tied to completing story quests, so here's when you can expect to unlock them.

The better question is: If that guy with the level 5 quest is offering level 5 loot, do we even want to help him at level 20? As you journey across the stars in Borderlands, you'll find out pretty early on that enemies will stick a certain level range when entering new areas and taking on missions. This means that - for the most part - if you pass on a side mission and go back later, you'll likely find both the difficulty and rewards well below your level. Similarly, if you dash on ahead through main missions as fast as you can, you may start encountering enemies well above your own level, and all the loot they drop may also be unavailable to equip until you can catch up, which can really suck!

Because of this, it's worth your while to stop and smell the flowers - and by that we mean take on side missionsscope out challenges, and generally explore and do whatever you can before moving onto the next area.

borderlands 3 artifacts explained

Certain side missions will appear in areas before or after completing a main mission in that area, so be sure to look around and make sure you don't miss anything. However, once you reach certain story beats that may return you to past areas, and when you beat the game, enemies in older zones will sometimes increase in difficulty to a certain point.

Beyond this, enabling Mayhem Mode once you beat the game will automatically bring all enemies up to your level no matter the region to increase threat and rewards. These chests will either have the best loot, or the worst loot depending on when you find them. With regards to level-locked regions, it's very important to note that both Red Chests usually found after bosses or as bonus unlocked areas from side missions as well as Typhon Dead Drops crew challenges triangulated from finding recordings are also locked to the region of that area unless a region eventually upgrades over the course of the story.

For that reason you should always be exploring and looting chests in every region as you progress - as saving them for later will only lower the value of what's inside 5 levels later.

borderlands 3 artifacts explained

However, Mayhem Mode changes this, as it will bring all the chests up to your level along with all other loot and enemies in the region. With Red Chests, you can re-open them each time you quit the game and start anew, while Typhon Dead Drops can only be looted once - so make sure you think hard about when you want to open these.

If you miss your chance to get the best loot for your level, come back once you've beaten the game to unlock the other dead drops with Mayhem Mode enabled. Once you start finding Class Mods on Promethea and beyond, you'll notice that they will grant extra points in each of your three skill trees.

The better the quality, the more skill points they'll add to more skills. It's worth noting two things: A Class Mod can further enhance a skill that you've already maxed on the skill tree, which means you can boost the rate of damage or cooldowns and such beyond normal levels.

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Secondly, even if you haven't unlocked a skill yet, you don't need to have a point in a skill for a Class Mod to give you that skills effects! Knowing this, you can essentially look for Class Mods to bolster skills in a tree you aren't focusing on to give you an edge in multiple areas at once. The menus of Borderlands can be Guardian Ranks have their own slot in your ECHO menu, and you can't even check them out until you beat the game.

They also take the place of where Challenges were in Borderlands 2 - but that doesn't mean they are gone. You may start noticing as you play that you'll get notifications that challenges have been met, but they don't appear to be tracked anywhere.

BORDERLANDS 3 ~ Best Artifacts & Effects

If you look at your map, the Challenges Tab only tracks "Crew Challenges" which are side objectives to uncover in each area. As it happens, the regular Challenges are hiding deep in the map menu. Hit the Orbit View until you are in the galaxy view of the map, and then click on the Challenges tab.

Instead of Crew Challenges, you'll finally see the Challenges you can unlock for killing certain types of enemies, with different weapons, or looting certain items. Unlike Borderlands 2, Challenges in this game do not unlock bonus stats. Instead, you'll get extra Eridium for each challenge met.

Rank 1 will award 1 Eridium, Rank 2 will give 2, and so on until the challenge ranks are all met.

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Be sure to check your Challenges from time to time to unlock more Eridium, and use it to unlock exclusive rewards from Earl aboard the Sanctuary.

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